Another week at our house. I’m sure you had a week at your house as well:). Pardon with me the next few weeks as I’m trying to get ready for a consignment sale, finish planning the last quarter of school, learn how to plan four years of high school, and try to squeeze in some painting lessons before the art show, not to mention exercising and researching my new wheat-free diet. I’m running pretty hard and feeling stretched thin. Here’s my Joy Dare list of the week:

Three gifts found behind doors:

  • a lost barette
  • older daughter reading Anne of Green gables to younger sister
  • lovely tea-pot for  five minutes of solace

Three ways I feel the love of God:

  • four sweet children making Valentines for each other
  • quiet note of encouragement in my inbox
  • through His love letter to His bride–His Word

Gift found in losing something, finding something and making something:

  • Losing fifteen pounds–makes my old wardrobe feel new:)
  • finding a site with gluten-free recipes I may someday get up the courage to try
  • joy in making bread for my family, even if I know I can’t eat it

Three gifts in shadows

  • that restless, unsettled feeling that reminds me to “be still and know I AM”
  • shafts of sunshine through the clouds
  • after 27 years of skin problems, finding the solution

Three gifts in giving/serving

  • decluttering that becomes a large pile of things to take to Thriftsmart to bless others:)
  • reminder that “I am not my own”
  • Shabbat flowers my husband gives me without fail

Three gifts on paper

  • Book of Zechariah
  • paper on clearance for invitations
  • a tiny, sweet not written by my five-year-old

Three gifts that were “plan B”

  • conversation after church with three sweet friends
  • a day spent in serving my family instead of painting
  • An absolutely beautiful sunset–after the disappointment of lots of rain and little snow

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