Joy Dare February Week 2

3 gifts found outside:

  • shamrocks readying themselves for St. Patrick’s Day
  • February blooming tree
  • sunshine behind the shadows

3 gifts red:

  • perfect C chord on a red ukulele
  • red pot of paperwhites
  • red holly berries, waiting for the cedar waxwings’ arrival

a gift broken, a gift fixed, a gift thrifted:

  • broken toy, fixed by Grandad for Doodlebug
  • tattered camo pants, fixed by Grandmama for Scooter Man
  • $4 silk skirt from Goodwill for Happy Girl’s Father-Daughter dance

3 gifts that were surprises-unexpected grace!

  • a wee little snow (and I do mean wee little bit–I have a layer of dust on my furniture thicker than that snowfall:))
  • flowers from my husband
  • a little extra time for clean-up

3 times you heard laughter today:

  • cousins giggling over jokes
  • family laughing at a movie
  • after a sweet 5-year-old made a comment

3 gifts found in working:

  • pride of a 10-year-old persevering to learn Scout promise, handshake and knots–then teaching them to us
  • pile of consignment stuff, growing larger every day (yay less clutter!)
  • another painting in process

3 hard eucharisteos:

  • “Failure isn’t final in God”–heard in a sermon by visiting preacher
  • realizing flour needs to leave my diet for good–the key to my complexion clearing up and more creativity in the kitchen, but sad to miss out on communion
  • Realizing I can’t do everything and having to choose which things God wants me to do, not what I want to do

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