Gratitude through january tornados and such…

We’ve spent the last week more or less without internet service, spending several hours on the phone convincing the phone company the modem went out after we lost power briefly last week, then waiting for the new model to arrive. There was less internet time and more getting back into the swing of things time–ballet and piano and more excercise. Here’s my list for the week, following Ann’s January Joy Dare, unless something else came up in the midst that was too good not to include!

  1. hot soups and lovely conversations
  2. shared burdens before the Lord to lighten the load
  3. my first finished painting after 10 hours of lessons!
  4. Job 13:15
  5. Daniel 3:16-18
  6. 2 Corinthians 12:9-10
  7. sweet young ones who love to help in the kitchen
  8. a tornado warning system to send us scurrying to the walk-in crawl space ahead of the storm
  9. spontaneous dinner with traveling friends and time to catch up
  10. watching a 13-year old’s passion for the least of these stretch us all
  11. re-reading “Bringing Up Boys” and appreciating anew the God-given differences between my boys and girls
  12. my passport in the mail–one step closer to a trip to Ethiopia to pick up another wee little nephew with my sister late this year
  13. a wisp of a rainbow that lasted only a moment
  14. planning family times with eager anticipation
  15. a messy table, covered with glue, paint, paper bits–and the busy, creative children who make it all worthwhile
  16. a (different) tornado warning in the middle of the night, that the kids slept through as the worst of the weather went north
  17. a misunderstanding that lead to forgiveness extended and received on both sides
  18. hearing a mourningĀ dove after the storm
  19. uninterrupted time for a birthday brunch for a friend
  20. talking through decisions with wise counsel
  21. Singing “Tis so sweet” with my children and asking in faith “Oh for grace to trust you more!

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