Joy Dare Gratitude, week 2

My kids love going on scavenger hunts or treasure hunts. They even make them up for each other and their cousins. They love looking all over for the next clue, to see where it will take them. I feel that way about the Joy Dare. Ann Voskamp has graciously provided a list to use as a guide as participants look high and low for the treasure the Father leaves in our paths everyday. What fun to see the simple things that, could be mundane “normal” events or things, transformed with eyes of gratitude on the look out for God’s hand in our everyday lives. Here’s my gratitude list for the week, based on Ann’s January treasure hunt, but occasionally punctuated with lovely graces not on the list.

  1. purple Campanulas from my husband to celebrate the Sabbath
  2. cheery primroses in the grocery store
  3. catching up with a friend while our children played
  4. lemon juice to make my favorite Best Lemon Chicken
  5. a rare, sweet winter strawberry
  6. farm fresh eggs with marigold yellow yolks to start every morning afresh
  7. happy yellow plates that hold snowmen pancakes to surprise my young ones

    Snowman pancakes in anticipation of the snow:)

  8. the love and gatherings of the week in my yellow kitchen
  9. wispy frozen clouds that suggest a wee bit of snow on the way
  10. 3/4 of an inch of snow on the ground (briefly) and the kids who were as ecstatic as if it had been three inches:)

    A Nashville snow

  11. reading in bed as my Doodlebug snuggled in and fell asleep, safe from his bad dream
  12. rain on the tin roof of our back porch
  13. the neighborhood red hawk’s cries
  14. the wind rattling through the last few dead, brown leaves
  15. an impromptu dinner with friends–soup and planning our first overnight backpacking trip
  16. an even more unexpected dinner with far-flung family brought close–laughing and playing games with uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents
  17. time spent painting with my children and loving the creativity God gives so freely
  18. hand-knit scarf for those chilly southern days
  19. sweet generosity of my daughter choosing who she’d like to give some of her dress-up clothes to (without prompting!)
  20. a fresh start for my other daughter in piano, after a year “off” due to our financial difficulties, and how happy it makes her to play again
  21. putting dates on the calendar for special one-on-one Daddy time with each of the kids, a father-daughter dance at church, and mother-son movie marathons–and the smiles it puts on my children’s faces
  22. a first-time mother holding her baby, with love in her eyes and a smile on her face
  23. finally making it through the first two weeks of Phase one of the South Beach diet–and losing 10 pounds:)

It’s never to late to join the Joy Dare! Find the treasure God scatters through your day and be grateful!


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