Gratitude for a new year

We celebrated the New Year in typical never picture perfect style: we changed the clocks ahead four hours and rang in the new year at 8 pm. Funny, when you turn your clocks ahead it makes you feel as if it really was midnight and you’re ready for bed at 9pm.  We went to our friends house, where we had grilled chicken (adults), hotdogs (kids), and chocolate fondue. There may have been a few firecrackers set off, to the delight of the kids and chagrin of the neighbors:). At “midnight,” following the tradition from my friend’s Ecuadorian childhood (she was an MK), we “burned the old man”–basically you stuff clothes with paper, make a head and a sign saying  “adios 2011” and then set it on fire. I felt very multicultural, between the fireworks from Alabama and burning my friend’s torn up jeans and a paper bag stuffed with old panty-hose. Who knew nylons made green flames when they burn?

I am most grateful for the past year, and the provision of the Lord in our lives–you can read about that more here, but for this week specifically, here’s my gratitude list:

  • antibiotics and other medications that are available when I’m sick
  • celebrating Christmas with my 89-year-old grandmother
  • getting to hear Papa Don (Don Finto) preach on New Year’s Day
  • being reminded that the more hopeless looking the situation, the more the Lord delights in making all things new for His glory
  • blustery days
  • safe friends
  • an amazing husband who loves me!

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