2012-2013 Curriculum


  • Algebra 2–VideoText Algebra
  • Art–Artistic Pursuits High School Book 1
  • Biology 1–Apologia Biology
  • Spanish 1–through Ala Carte Mondays, a local home school program
  • Comparative World Religions and Worldviews–Understanding the Times from Summit Ministries
  • Honors English 1
    1. Institute for Excellence in Writing Student Intensive Level C
    2. Analytical Grammar Review Book 1
    3. Windows to the World (Literary Analysis)
    4. Fallacy Detective
    5. Building Thinking Skills Level 3 and MindBenders Books 7 & 8


  • Early American History based on Veritas Press Explorers to Missouri Compromise, adding in History Pockets & Hands and Hearts History Kits for our notebooks–I’ll try to do a history post of its own. There are so many books involved it really needs it!
  • Science–one semester Apologia Exploring Creation through Space, one semester Dinah Zike’s Landforms and Surface Features with geography terms notebook
  • Nature Study–Nature Portfolio Throughout the Year with added “real books,” Fun With Nature, and The Wonders of Nature Sketchbook
  • Geography–North American Geography using Beautiful Feet Geography; also learn states on map as well as capital cities and postal abbreviations
  • Writing–Institute for Excellence in Writing’s writing program using Beautiful Feet Geography as its theme
  • Art-Artistic Pursuits book 1 (4th-6th grade level), Deep Space Sparkle website
  • Math Games–Muggins Math, Sum Swamp, Money and Time games, BigBrainz Math software
  • TN History–Using library books and field trips to battle sites, historic homes, museums and other places around TN and make a TN History Notebook


  • Math–Teaching Textbooks 6
  • Critical Thinking–MindBenders book B and Perplexors Book C; Building Thinking Skills Book 2; Red Herrings Book 1
  • Typing-Type-It and computer typing games for practice
  • Language Arts:
    1. Language Lessons for the Elementary Child Book 2
    2. Simply Spelling Books 3-5
    3. Copywork from Language from Leaders
    4. Vocabulary–Wordly Wise Book 5; English from the Roots Up
    5. Reading from lists of suggested books from Veritas Press, Sonlight, and Tapestry of Grace, many tied in with American History, though not all, including, but not limited to the following:
      • The Secret Agents Four by Donald Sobol
      • Johnny Tremain
      • Carry on, Mr. Bowditch
      • The Arrow Over the Door
      • The Cricket in Times Square
      • Lad, A Dog
      • The Westing Game


  • Math- Math U See Gamma, Kumon Money and Time pages for review
  • Critical Thinking–Building Thinking Skills (finish Book 1 then start Book 2); Perplexors Book 1 and MindBenders A4, B1
  • Typing–typing software
  • Language Arts
  1. Language Lessons for the Very Young Book 2
  2. Simply Spelling Books 2 & 3
  3. Getty Dubay Handwriting Books D & E
  4. Copywork from Lessons From Leaders
  5. Explode the Code Books 5 & 6
  6. Readers from Sonlight, Veritas Press, and Tapestry of Grace, many tied in with American History, though not all, including, but not limited to the following:
      • Ballet Shoes
      • Charlotte’s Web
      • Homer Price
      • Stuart Little
      • Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie
      • Clara and the Bookwagon
      • Prairie School
      • Riding the Pony Express
      • The Long Way to a New Land
      • The Long Way Westward


  • Math-Alpha Math U See, Kumon Money and Time books
  • Critical Thinking– Building Thinking Skills Book 1, MindBenders Warm Up and Book A1
  • Language Arts
    1. Explode the Code Books 3 & 4
    2. Getty-Dubay Handwriting Book B
    3. Simply Spelling Books 2 & 3
    4. Language Lessons for Little Ones
    5. Readers from Sonlight, Veritas Press, and Tapestry of Grace, many tied in with American History, though not all–he is a VERY advanced reader for his age, though I will start him with 1st and second grade readers, it’s for the literary exposure, not reading skill. That’s why his list is so long: he’ll whip through the 1st and second grade readers in around a month.
    • Daniel’s Duck
    • Greg’s Microscope
    • Hill of Fire
    • Owl at Home
    • Sword in the Tree
    • Wagon Wheels
    • Owls in the Family
    • Encyclopedia Brown
    • The Racketty Packetty House
    • The Velveteen Rabbit
    • Charlotte’s Web
    • Homer Price
    • Misty of Chincoteague?
    • Dolphin Adventure
    • Light at Tern Rock
    • Henry Huggins
    • anything else I can think of 🙂

2 responses to “2012-2013 Curriculum

  1. Petrina Ula

    Hi there,

    I will start 9th grade with my son in January. You and I are using a lot of the same curriculum. Just wondering – Comparative World Religions – one credit for social studies?

    • Hey Petrina! Yes, that’s what I’m counting it toward, according to my state requirements. I guess it could be an elective too, but it makes sense for me to use it as social studies. Thanks for reading!

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