Christmas Gratitude, the never picture perfect way…

It was an amazing week, culminating with Christmas yesterday. We spent the week with everyone but my husband trying to recover from the crud from the week before–but my husband having the flu. His annual Christmas caroling extravaganza went on without him, and I actually went this year, instead of staying back to get the food ready for the dads and kids. I love seeing the impact that little event has on the urban neighborhood behind our church. Families were so excited to see the kids singing and had been waiting all holiday season for them to come caroling at their door. We got to spend time with my husband’s family, though he was with us on Skype because he was still sick. The video he’d compiled of all the highlights of the Christmas plays the grandkids used to put on was sweet and funny. It’s hard to believe those tiny children in the video are now high school and college-aged kids!

We all coughed and sneezed through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Advent here, as we didn’t want to infect our entire church body at the candle light or Sunday morning services. The kids slept in until close to 8, so that was good. It was a fun day of being together, having grandparents stop by, and talking to cousins from Jackson on the phone. Buckeye loved his present–he promptly took it outside and buried it, never to be seen again, I’m sure. Then he ran inside, sniffed the Christmas tree and ummm…”marked” it. Yes, the Wonderdog peed on our fake Christmas tree. I guess I should have gotten him a bigger bone to chew on. Something tells me this never happens at Ann Voskamp‘s house…

Here’s my gratitude list for the week:

  • the sound of children singing “Away in a Manger”
  • laughing with the family over Christmas past videos
  • grandparents playing games with their grandchildren
  • advent candles dripping on the table
  • getting to that last sweet door in The Advent Book
  • chicken cheddar chowder and grilled cheese sandwiches on a chilly day
  • brothers playing outside in the sandbox in coats on Christmas Day
  • that Jesus left all the splendors of heaven to come to all the squalor of earth for us. What a gift!

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