Jesse Tree Ornaments Part Two

I finally got to meet with my friend Stacy and one of her three other friends who participated in the Jesse Tree Ornament Exchange. It was so much fun to see how amazingly creative everyone is. If I do this again I will probably get clarification first about the size of the ornaments. Our Jesse Tree is about 18-24 inches tall. We bring it to the table every morning with our basket of Jesse Tree Ornaments and over breakfast, read the Jesse Tree Devotional of the day, and put the ornament of the day on the tree. Obviously, as you will see in the pictures, some people’s trees are larger than mine. Other than the sheaf of wheat I made, all my other ornaments are around two inches high or less. Not so the case with the adorable camel in the tent for the story of Abraham. It’s big enough that it needed its own photo. :). I guess that means I get to buy a new, taller tree on clearance after Christmas. 🙂

Days one through three: the earth, an apple and snake, the ark and rainbow

The adorable camel in a tent for Abram and his visitors

Days five through eight--a lanb, a ladder, a colorful coat and a tablet with ten numbers

Days 9 through twelve--a cluster of grapes, a sheaf of wheat and a sling shot

Days twelve through fourteen--a scroll, a stump with a fresh shoot, and a lion and lamb

The inside of the scroll--Psalm 119:105 (the scripture for that day) in English and Hebrew

Days fifteen through seventeen--A dove with a crown, a lamb and a staff, and a cross

Days eighteen through twenty--a heart with writing, Bethlehem silhouette, a fiery furnace

Days twenty-one through twenty-three--a brick wall, a star and a candle

Now, I’ve seen many kinds of Jesse Trees, so don’t despair if you don’t have an evergreen. My friend has hers hanging down off the mantle of her fireplace from a rope. You can use a bare branch from outside, stuck firmly in a pot. Hang them off a thin dowel on the wall if you want. The point is not to stress over the ornaments or the tree or even the devotional. I’ve used my kids’ beginner’s Bible and simply read the stories that correspond to the devotional. Ann Voskamp’s Advent Jesse Tree devotional with ornaments to print out is FREE. The Advent Jesse Tree by Dean Lambert Smith is another lovely book that has devotionals for both older and younger children. You can’t get any more beautiful words or pictures for this season.

The point is to remember what God has done and is doing in the history of mankind–and then thank Him for it. Marvel at His deeds and treasure them in your heart. Over and over God tells the people to remember what He has done. The Jesse Tree provides a path through history, showing God’s faithfulness to all generations. Remember with your family. Praise the Lord for His amazing, extraordinary gift of His son. Sow the seeds of gratitude deep into your family’s heart. It’s not too late to get started!



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2 responses to “Jesse Tree Ornaments Part Two

  1. Maria

    Thank you so much for posting this! I was the 3rd one of Stacy’s friends! We never did buy an advent tree. Instead we did our devotionals at church inside a classroom and then brought them home to put on the Christmas Tree. The children loved it ,but I enjoyed it even more. The pictures are so cute. Thanks!

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