Gratitude for the beginning of Advent

I love getting ready for Advent every year. I love when I can find 24 candles that will all fit in my wreath. I love that my kids get so excited about it. I love watching my children gently and lovingly move Mary on the donkey around the spiral towards that last candle. As soon we get the Advent wreath out, they want to know when we can get started. Same with the Jesse Tree. They all love taking turns opening the doors in The Advent Book in the evenings and placing the ornament on the Jesse Tree during breakfast. So, for many reasons it was an exciting week as we began our journey toward The Coming. My gratitude list for the week:

  • a true artist with the heart of a teacher
  • that we serve a creative God, and He allows us to be creative too
  • candles, singing, and reading that old, familiar story with my children
  • time with friends to pray and laugh and get muddy…
  • watching a dear friend’s daughters dance with grace and skill
  • precious, amazing friends (and my husband) who totally surprised me with their love and presence
  • quiet time with my boys
  • an amazing group of women who don’t just teach our children how to sing–they teach them how to worship
  • watching wee ones dance before the Lord with abandon, and a congregation that loves and encourages them!
  • the heart of my daughter, loving those the world abandons
  • seeing that same daughter’s smile without braces after 20 months!

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