Medieval Tournament and Feast

We’ve been studying the Medieval or Middle Ages this fall, and to wrap up our studies we had a Medieval Tournament and Feast. We invited Scooter Man’s friend W to join us for the festivities. We had a few appropriate costumes, and November 1st Target had a big 70% off costume sale, so all the kids could be dressed for the day. The costume I bought for Scooter Man was itchy, so he was a knight in camo. Oh well….

Two medieval princesses, Robin Hood, a camo knight and a Musketeer Knight:)

First we had some Medieval Games. The first was a relay. Riding on noodles as their horses, the participants held a noodle in their other hand as a jousting pole. They threw it through a hula hoop hanging on the swing set (jousting practice). Then they rode their noodles to the “castle” (upturned basket) to rescue the “princess” (Barbie) from the “dragon” (dinosaur).

Cutest Robin Hood EVER slaying the dragon and saving the princess:)

They took the princess to her castle, then raced to find their golden coins to pay the tax to the King. When they found the coins buried in the sand, they brought them to the princesses, the King’s daughters. After this race there was a spear throwing contest, then an archery contest (whose arrow could fly the farthest), and last, a catapult contest. We built a catapult a few weeks earlier, which we took outside and used in the contest, seeing who could catapult a rubber ball the farthest.

After our tournament, the knights and ladies were hungry so we had a medieval feast. The menu included BBQ chicken legs, cheese, barley risotto, apples, gingerbread cake, and apple cider.

Cheese, apple cider and gingerbread cake

These were forms of fairly common foods of the time. I chose gingerbread cake because it uses so many spices, and the trading routes to Asia and the Middle East were based largely on the spice and salt trade, so I thought this was appropriate. We did use plates and silverware. I didn’t have time to bake bread plates:).

I pieced together our history curriculum, as usual, and will have a separate post on what we read, watched, colored and made this term on Friday.


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