A week for grateful living

One of the wonderful results of Ann Voskamp’s book, 1000 Gifts, is the ripple effect of gratitude amongst her readers. Especially this time of year, when “the world” is trying to see how little time and retail space they can give to a holiday between their two big money makers in October and December, it is refreshing to log on to Facebook and see how many people are daily counting their blessings. It’s not a passive way to live–you have to live with your eyes open, constantly looking for the gifts, both large and small, God places in our lives. Some situations are obviously easier to see the gift, others are a challenge to see what could possibly be the gift hidden in a situation you’d rather not be in at all, and occasionally, there is simply the gasping out of thanks that we survived some situation at all.

So this week, as we read some of our favorite books about Thanksgiving, re-read Stephen Mansfield’s meditation on the Pilgrims, and read through the papers in our gratitude box, I am truly grateful of the small change in at least part of the body of Christ. In this time of year that is so consumer-oriented, we are learning to stop, look around at our lives and where we are and thank the Lord for what He has bestowed upon us. Here’s my list for the week:

  • time with my sister and her four boys celebrating a cousin birthday
  • days of flip-flops, days of galoshes and days of heavy coats, all in one week
  • time with old friends, sharing our hearts
  • all the people at church who love on my kids and teach them on Sundays and Wednesday nights–thank you!
  • my husband who can fix my little computer glitches, so I can see my lesson plans again:)
  • lovely ladies who bake for missions, and the congregation who supports them
  • the sigh of God
  • times of encouragement with those standing in the gap with us
  • the endless creativity of my children

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