Grateful for the swirling of life

It’s been a week full of swirling, colorful leaves here in Nashville. It was fun to watch piles of golden and red leaves blow from one yard to another and scatter like a carpet over the tired grass. Fall is made for kids, with all the bright colors and piles of leaves to use for forts or just piles for jumping. Here’s my list for the past week:

  • leaves swirling in the wind, reminding me of the Spirit joyfully blowing where He wills
  • blustery days
  • gingerbread tea–and finding a good stock after looking for weeks!
  • an hour to myself courtesy of my mom and husband
  • the generosity of others
  • a morning with The Belmont Girls making journals for the Lovelies in prison and talking up a storm 🙂
  • the servant’s heart of my 13-year old, who cheerfully gave up her Saturday to help those who needed it
  • helping create order out of a chaos of moving boxes and spending time with my sweet sister-in-law, and mother-in-law and father-in law
  • bonfires and worship music
  • being so moved by the amazing journey of a snake-fearing woman down a snake infested river to love on Compassion kids in Ecuador, and her Farmer husband sowing seeds of love. (I haven’t finished her blog dry-eyed all week) How beautiful are the feet of those that share the good news, Ann Voskamp!
  • reading my friend’s daily gratitude on Facebook. Surely the most useful aspect of this tool!
  • Time with a dear friend who moved away and is now back–who didn’t laugh that I had no idea how to order a drink at Starbucks (or even what they were), and introduced me to steamers. Yum! Thanks Donna!


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2 responses to “Grateful for the swirling of life

  1. 5littlechickies

    I too have been so blessed and moved by Ann’s words. I read her posts daily to my kids and my girls and I weep. My boys then look a bit uncomfortable and wish for a bit less emotion, but nonetheless… the Lord is using her words to shape our hearts and our perspective! I am looking forward to some time with your family over Thanksgiving break!
    I love you, Lara Riggs!

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