Thankfulness in November

I’ve been keeping up my gratitude list daily on Facebook, and plan on continuing at least until Thanksgiving. However, I’ll still keep up my gratitude list here on Mondays, repeating some of my gratitude posts from the week, but adding more as well. Here’s my list for the first week of November:

  • red leaves in sunshine
  • flannel sheets and down comforters
  • barn dances in Fellowship Hall
  • multiple generations laughing and dancing and living life together!
  • kids making hay angels
  • apples and caramel
  • grandfather thrilled to have a grandson help out in the wood working shop
  • late fall roses
  • quiet foggy mornings
  • that red-tailed hawk that lives in our neighborhood and glides silently over our house
  • the prayers of a righteous man
  • unexpected playtime for my kids with a cousin
  • Orphan Sunday-that the church is recognizing the plight of “the least of these” and beginning to do something about it
  • orange maple, blue sky, rising moon

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