End of October Gratitude

It was a nice last full week of the month here. It was not just “fallish” here, it really is fall. Rich Mullins once wrote “There’s so much beauty around us for just two eyes to see/But everywhere I go I’m looking…” This time of year it’s hard to see all the beauty God prepared for us in nature. I love the variegated look of the trees as they transition from one color to the next, against a cloudless blue sky. Gorgeous! Here’s my list for the week:

  • dinner with two nieces and two second cousins in one night. Thanks for coming, girls!
  • traveling mercies
  • quiet days at home
  • safe deliveries and new babies:)
  • weeping cherry outside the kitchen window, changing from green to yellow
  • sleeping in
  • Kangaroos, Kookaburras, and hanging out with my kids
  • digging deep into the book of Mark–with an amazing small group on Wednesday nights and powerful sermons on Sundays
  • new tubes of paint and the possibilities they hold inside
  • anything pumpkin baking in the kitchen

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