First week of fall gratitude

Purple Aster

Image by Memotions via Flickr

Fall started this week, and unusual for this area, it felt like fall for a few days. There were new-from-consignment-sales clothes to try on and put away, fall recipes to sort through, and fall flowers to buy. Doodlebug reminded me we hadn’t jumped in leaf piles even though it was the first day of fall, but all our leaves are still on the trees:)  Here’s my list for the week:

  • a good week, despite a husband in Colorado on business
  • a very short-lived stomach virus (yet to be passed on!)
  • Lysol wipes,hand sanitizer, and hot running water
  • yellowing leaves on the weeping cherry tree
  • long phone calls with my sister
  • fields of dried corn stubble in Amish country
  • trading garden stories with the farmer’s wife
  • son’s first football game with his dad
  • lazy afternoons playing games in the den
  • purple asters with yellow centers
  • a very stubborn tooth finally coming out
  • traditional grandfather-grandchild birthday lunch
  • trips home from the library with children absorbed in their books
  • a scooter for Doodlebug

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