Rosh Hashana 2011

Rosh Hashanah 2011 will start after sunset September 28. We celebrated last year and plan to this year as well. There are plenty of good books and websites to help your children (and you!) understand more about Rosh Hashanah. Here are some of my favorites:

  • This site has lots of information about all the Jewish holidays, with games, activities, recipes and more. There’s even a page with a “to-do” list to help you remember when to light the candles and what to say on each day.
  • has some nice coloring pages with explanations and Bible verses about trumpets and the holiday
  • has a long page of links to coloring pages, word searches and crossword with a Rosh Hashanah theme
  • has an extensive section with pages like “7 questions people ask about Rosh Hashanah”
  • Messianic Jewish Musings has many articles about Rosh Hashanah that I found very enjoyable. This link is to a page that lists all his blog entries about Rosh Hashanah. His site is a wealth of information on all the holidays and what they mean. He’s also written a book entitled Feast that I’d love to read someday soon!

There are many sites that have entire collections of recipes. Here are a few:

  •¬†has a large collection with ratings by users
  • Epicurious has “festive menus”, articles on baking challah and of course interesting recipes
  • Martha Stewart of course has a lovely section of photos and recipes
  • has a nice page of recipes as well

You should also be able to pick up some books at your local library or One of my favorites is A Family Guide to Biblical Holidays, which you can find on my Amazon page. It has sections on each Jewish holiday, with descriptions of how the Jewish people celebrated in the past and today, and a Messianic interpretation as well.

My plan for our meal is matzoh ball soup, brisket (not corned beef brisket), with mashed potatoes, honey challah, and of course apples and honey in some form! I have a great recipe for an apple honey cake (if I can find it) I want to make for dessert. I’ll print out some coloring pages for the kids, read some books with them, and we’ll listen to the sound of the shofar from the internet, since our dear Jewish friends are in Israel this year and we’re on our own. I’ll try to gather my recipes and post them Friday. Happy planning!



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