Block party, birthday gratitude

I had a snow cone

Image by bunchofpants via Flickr

Wow. What a week. Watching my little man turn ten and to participate in the Belmont Block party all in a seven-day period was wonderful. My husband took the camera on the birthday camping trip and so I have no pictures of us at the Block Party, and they were so busy creek stomping and mountain biking at Montgomery Bell we have no pictures of that either. I suspect, however, Scooter Man will remember the fun he had with his friends, pictures or not. Here’s my gratitude list for the week:

  • Lost teeth and toothy smiles
  • Good reports from the orthodontist (could it be only 2 more months before child 1 is done?)
  • Diving into the book of Mark with fellow travellers on The Way
  • Bouncing and laughing with my kids
  • Helping out behind the scenes
  • Ten amazing years as a mom to an amazing boy. I love you, Scooter Man!
  • Boys and their dads, fishing poles, tents, camp fires, jokes, smores
  • Boys catching more fish with a Dixie cup than their fishing poles and bait
  • Great finds at a consignment sale
  • Snuggling with my littles in bed
  • Face paint, snow cones, bouncy slides and pouring out love to the community
  • Buying toilet paper and batteries in the same trip to the store, and not having to choose between the two. It’s a big deal after 14 months of unemployment:)
  • Church staff able to roll with the punches–Ms. Sylvia and Eli, you make a great team:)
  • Laughing with four generations
  • A few hours all together before another road trip
  • This amazing family God has placed me in–both family of by birth, by marriage and church family too.

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