Happy Tenth Birthday, Scooter Man

Ten years ago today I gave birth to my little man-child. He tried to come early–33 weeks, after a minor car wreck, but after a week in the hospital, I went home on bed rest, to lay on the couch and try to wait until he was at least 36 weeks.  The morning I hit 36 weeks, I drove myself to the doctor to get the “all clear” to be up and around and get back to normal. It was September 11, 2001. I remember wondering what kind of world we were bringing another child into. “The same world it was yesterday–still lost, still in need of a savior.” When my baby was born 5 days later, we named him “Gift of God.” After ten years, I love him even more than that day he was born. He is still a gift to me. His enthusiasm for life and unquenchable curiosity have enriched my life. Happy tenth birthday, Scooter Man. I love you!


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