Gratitude after the first week of school

It was a good first week of school at our house. It was my first year with four official students. It’s my last year without a high-schooler. Yikes. There were the usual bumps of a first week–the first book on my reading list for Happy Girl was not at the library yet. The book I thought would last Scooter Man a couple of weeks lasted one day. He went through 4 books in a week. Going to have to work on his list a bit more:). Math facts and concepts had to be re-learned. But we had fun, and everyone was satisfied at the end of the week, me included. The week ended with a little birthday party for Doodlebug. His “real” birthday isn’t until later this week, but we celebrated with his friends, a Slip-N-Slide,  volcano cake, and turtle pinata Saturday night. Here’s my list:

  • traveling mercies for my employed husband:)
  • first day of school feeling
  • little ones’ anticipation
  • creating fun with cake, icing and Oreos
  • Sabbath meal bringing us all back together again
  • early morning thunderstorm and cuddles with my children
  • good report of seeds sown in The Land
  • an extra pair of glasses to use when mine broke
  • taking the party to my recovering mother-in-law

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