Gratitiude in the last week before school starts

This past week has been kind of funny. My almost five-year old was begging to “start school” and I was the one who wasn’t ready:) I was ready for the order that the school schedule brings to my life, but I wasn’t quite done planning and getting organized, so I finalized school plans, got my consignment sale clothes washed and labeled so I don’t have to do that in a couple of weeks, and we did some fun end of summer activities. Some of my kids still couldn’t wait and started their All About Me books early, but I’m OK with that. Here’s my list:

  • First day of my husband’s new job!
  • $1 night at Baskin-Robbins
  • Time at the pool
  • Snuggling with my Littles in bed
  • A beautiful sunrise in the East and a rainbow in the West, all at the same time!
  • Welcoming Daddy home from a business trip
  • Fun with a cousin
  • A fun-filled day at Camp Widgiwagan with the church body-swimming in the pool, canoeing on the lake, banana boating and blobbing on the Blob. Nothing like watching the elders squirt the kids with water guns:)
  • Knowing my husband has a job to go to this week as well
  • Getting those first day of school excited jitters, though this is my ninth year homeschooling


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2 responses to “Gratitiude in the last week before school starts

  1. Thank you, God, for the joy of your salvation in Lara’s life!!!

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