Gratitude for an amazing week

Wow! What a week…I really can’t believe the week we had, but we are so thankful!

  • Tea, talking with a friend, and a tour of her new house:)
  • Rain! Rain! Rain!
  • An amazing job for my husband–what else can I say? An answer to the prayers of so many after so long
  • Beautiful family and friends rejoicing and weeping tears of gratitude at the news
  • Unbelievable accuracy of the Lord’s provision
  • A granddaughter painting her aging grandmother’s toes hot pink , after tenderly tending them
  • Box Day:)
  • A day out as a family
  • Christmas cookies in July
  • A night out with the grandparents’ to celebrate a 13th birthday at the Barn Dinner Theater
  • A contract for my sister and her family
  • Seventeen years of marriage, stronger than ever.

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