Gratitude when I don’t want to….

Last week was hard. Nothing major, I was just emotionally exhausted. Decisions needed to be made that I didn’t want to make, that kind of stuff. I was NOT in the mood to praise the Lord. He gently pointed out that I needed to praise Him regardless of and through the situations. It was very much a decision to praise Him, not the spontaneous outflowing of a grateful heart. It began as an act of the will, “This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Emphasis on the “will.” But as often happens, once the gratitude began, it was amazing at how much I found to praise Him for. Here’s my list:

  • coming to the end of your rope and finding He’s there with the safety net
  • ibuprophen, antibiotics and pineapple juice
  • a good, business-like rain that cooled the air and watered the earth
  • boy in puddles
  • a patient, longsuffering dog:)

    Buckeye sleeping through his makeover...

  • steak on clearance
  • time to plan
  • conversations for dreaming
  • God’s timing


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2 responses to “Gratitude when I don’t want to….

  1. rob

    Steak on clearance sounds good! I always enjoy your posts Lara, though I read inconsistently . Thanks for loaning us Jonathan and watching the webcast.

    • I always feel like I hit the jackpot when I’m there as they mark down the meat at Kroger:) I was so glad I got to listen in last night. Fun!

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