Gratitude on the lake and “c”

This was a week of  “Under the C” camp at our church and a day at the lake after church Sunday with some lovely friends. I got to met some new friends, both adults and kids helping with camp this year. I helped in the baking guild. Lots of fun with some sweet girls learning to serve others in the kitchen. I got to see a friend from college and spend some time with her and her kids at the Frist. I decluttered part of my house. We had a dear friend and her kids over for watercolor painting and dinner. And to top it off, we spent Sunday after church at the lake. I got to see some friends from our church now, and people from my youth group over 20 years ago–and their kids. Here’s my list from a very full week. Not so many pictures as I’d like: I was too busy living it to photograph it:)

  • Helping those willing to use their talents to love on some kids in our church
  • Popsicles on a summer night
  • Worshiping across generations
  • Order out of chaos in at least part of my house…
  • Watercolor paintings
  • Fresh tomato soup and parmesan basil bread shared with those I love
  • Tiger lilies and Swallowtails
  • Rafting behind a jet-ski with my cautious daughter, hearing her laugh with delight and scream “I love this!”
  • Homemade lime sherbet
  • Old friends and new memories
  • Rays of sun between the clouds


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2 responses to “Gratitude on the lake and “c”

  1. rob

    Beautiful sky pic!

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