Gratitude in baptism

My sweet Blue Eyes was baptized yesterday. She became a believer last year, but we chose to observe her for a year to watch for fruit in her young life and it is happily evident. I love the way our church practices baptism. I’ve actually never seen a senior pastor in our church baptize anyone. It’s always someone in the person’s life that is a believer–either a father in the case of children, a spouse, a youth pastor, or the friend that brought them to Christ. In our case, it has been the honor and privilege of my wonderful husband to baptize all three of our children who have decided to become Christians. During “Today is the Day,” Jonathan baptized Blue Eyes and a shout of praise went up from the congregation. I love to share this new life celebration with the Body! Here’s my list for the week (numbers 425 to 436!):

  • public demonstration of a private decision to follow in the Jesus Way
  • overnight father-kid campouts
  • a few brief hours of solitude
  • Time with my nephews for Camp Cousins

    Waiting at Purity Dairy for the movie and free ice cream. We took up the whole row:)

  • posies picked just for me by my four-year old
  • sleeping in
  • healing from an injury
  • quiet encouragement from others
  • wrestling with Jesus, and being glad He won when the match is over:)
  • the Body encouraging health and healing in leadership instead of shooting its wounded
  • a blessedly quick ending to a bewilderingly ugly situation for family so dear

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