Not an independent gratitude list

It’s Independence Day here in the States, and I am so thankful for those who fought to give us our freedom. However, this last year has taught me much, including that while I’d like to be independent, I am not; anyone who truly is in relationship with God is very much dependent on Him and the Body of Christ. Only when we are totally dependent on Him, abide in Him and die to ourselves are we truly alive in Christ.

It’s been a wee bit crazy here this week–shocking I know. As of today, the computer is in the shop (still under warranty but out of pocket until Friday) and the AC went out on the van(not under warranty and it’s hot here in Tennessee). I’m sure I’ll find something to praise God for in these two events, but I’m still looking…other than that, here’s my list:

  • husband taking children to swim lessons so I could be a wee bit creative
  • younger daughter passing her swimming test!
  • coupon for a haircut
  • catching up after a couple of weeks
  • two sisters encouraging each other over the phone with prayers and scriptures
  • A morning of bread baking
  • Ms. B coming in to work so I could be a part of blessing
  • Fun gals to work with when it’s super busy
  • holding hands with a four-year old
  • generations coming together to bless,eat and dance (and sweat:))
  • hugs from a dear friend visiting from far away
  • coming home to a sparkling clean bathroom
  • children so excited by our growing baby birds
  • an empty nest and full trees
  • Faith in the Father, His plan, provision and timing, when there is no evidence in what is seen (I mean, it’s not faith if you can already see it all in the natural, right?)
  • Watching all my people run the Firecracker 5K or Fun Run
  • Dinner and cards with the Grands



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