Gratitude in the rain

“Mommy.” It was not an excited, “Guess what I just did Mommy” tone of voice. It was holding back the tears tone. I turned to find my precious 4-year-old Doodlebug looking at me with his big, blue eyes unusually grave. “I think it’s going to rain. It’s very cloudy.” Ever since we went camping and Doodlebug experienced a pretty big storm from inside the camper, where it was deafeningly loud, he has been afraid of storms and even rain. He has also been afraid for me to leave him alone. I told him (not very inspired I know) that there was nothing we could do to stop the rain coming. He thought for a bit, then said, “We could pray.” Hmmm, yes I should have thought of that as the parent, but I didn’t. I took him on my lap and asked “What could we pray?” Doodlebug said “We could pray that it wouldn’t rain anymore.”

Well, this is the south and  thunderstorms are very common. We’ve experienced more tornado warnings this year than I can remember, sitting in our quite tall crawl space with the dog and kids, listening to the tornado siren and the wind and rain. Last year our city experienced a 1000-year flood–really. I can see why this would be a bit hard on a wee one. I hugged him tight and explained that God sends the rain to water the plants and trees and flowers and even our vegetable garden, and all those things would die without the rain. Then the animals and people wouldn’t have anything to eat or drink and they’d all die too. I suggested we could still pray, but pray and ask God to make him brave when it did rain, and to be with him. So we prayed and he slid down to go play.

Don’t I often do that? Look at what God has given and asked Him to take it away before realizing it is not only for my good, but the good of others as well? Sometimes what He gives can seem as terrifying as a thunderstorm to a small child; sometimes it seems like it’s not good at all and I can find no good in it whatsoever or anyway for God to redeem it, but I’m working on being grateful for either what happened or if that’s too much, grateful that God was with me through the storm.

Here’s my gratitude list for the week:

  • splashing in the pool with my children
  • cousin playtime
  • hearing my husband’s new arrangement of “Come Thou Fount” on the website:)
  • pulling weeds and making plans with a friend
  • oldest daughter’s first mission trip
  • soup and conversations
  • first carrot harvest
  • 7th birthday of a child the doctors just knew wouldn’t survive even full term–Happy birthday K!
  • sweet smell of the earth after a good, business-like rain
  • no more cicadas for 13 years!
  • robins hatching by our backdoor
  • baking bread again after a month’s hiatus
  • knowing the testimony of God’s faithfulness of the last year is helping one in a more difficult circumstance
  • walking the Way with others

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