neverpictureperfect garden update #5

My poor garden looked quite neglected after we spent an entire week in the woods, then another week recovering:). The weeds had overgrown the entire garden area, except the mulched walkways, which still looked nice.

Hard to see the garden for the weeds...

The dill and the peas were both pretty dead–I cut the dill back almost to the ground to see if maybe it will come back. I just pulled all the peas out. I’ll definitely plant more of those next time. I never got any home to cook or eat because the kids would eat them all before we left the driveway. I think they could have lived longer had I been around to water them. My friend’s pea plants are still nice and green.

Sad looking pea plants about to be ripped out.

A nice little surprise was this sweet flower my daughter planted. I was afraid I pulled them all up, since I couldn’t tell them from the weeds. This one survived and she was so pleased to see it. The marigolds, which are good companion plants with tomatoes look very healthy too. I had to tell Doodlebug that NONE of his daisies came up. I hope it’s not too late to plant some at our house…

Single larkspur

What was growing exceptionally well was grass and weeds. The tallest plants in the squares were the weeds. Here’s the before picture of the box. It was hard to tell where the weeds ended and the veggies and herbs started…

What a mess!

So, we spent a couple of hours weeding the beds by hand, then my friend got out the weed -whacker and did some serious work around the beds. Everything looked much tidier and I even found most of my veggies! Here’s the “after” picture.

Doesn't that look better? All weeded and trimmed! A huge broccoli, onions, carrots, rosemary, tomatoes and a cuke that needs a trellis

Broccoli in front with a little romaine left over; a tiny watermelon plant too. Tomatoes, parsley, a cantaloupe plant and one pole bean

After all the sweating, pruning, pulling up weeds and watering came the fun part: the harvesting! I pulled up the remaining two romaine lettuce plants. The heat’s just too much for them in Middle Tennessee right now, especially with my erratic watering. I only spent $3 on 8 head of romaine in April and just now finished the harvest. Definitely a good return on my money there. Some of the onions were big enough to harvest and Blue Eyes did it will glee:)

Then after long anticipation came the carrots. For some reason all the carrots I’ve grown in the past have been short, stubby , and all twisted. Scooter Man’s carrots were perfect!

Yummy carrot!

We also harvested 3 little red tomatoes and Doodlebug knocked off a Roma as he was watering, but it was as green as can be, and we harvested basil, oregano, thyme and parsley. 


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