Gratitude in the great outdoors

We spent the last six days camping at Fall Creek Falls State Park with several wonderful families we love. It’s an easy week to come up with things I am grateful for. It’s nice to have that kind of week, isn’t it?

  • Blue skies, puffy clouds, and dark skies with menacing clouds
  • A full moon
  • More stars than I can usually see
  • A son conquering a fear of heights to rappel down a 150 foot cliff!

  • Swimming holes only God could fashion

  • Singing worship songs by the fire accompanied by a guitar and ukulele
  • Eating homemade ice-cream by a campfire
  • Multiple generations being together
  • A dry bed after several hours of rain:)
  • 30 people in poison ivy infested woods with not a single case of poison ivy–that might be a blessing and a miracle:)
  • Giggles and songs while washing dishes assembly line style


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5 responses to “Gratitude in the great outdoors

  1. Missy Duke

    Loved sharing the great outdoors with you! And am very gratefull for all that God showed, shared, and taught. -Missy Duke

  2. C. Brower

    Love those pics and loved being with you guys at FCF!! I am missing Malika now!

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