Pentecost Gratitude

It was a week to celebrate the giving of the law, the giving of the Spirit, and the birth of the church, not to mention one who served us well for so long, and loves us still today. There was swimming and VBS songs and time for me to clean house:). There were peaches so sweet I wondered if the Tree of Life was a peach tree:). God is so good to leave our paths strewn with gifts from Him! My list for the week:

  • Forty years of faithful service by Don and Martha–how beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news!
  • A lesson on finishing well
  • listening to older daughter read Ann of Green Gables (voluntarily!) to younger daughter before bed
  • two brothers giggling in their bedroom
  • Pentecost celebrations
  • Singing “The Fruit of the Spirit” song on the way to church
  • swimming with my kids and nephew
  • a local Baptist church with 218 volunteers willing to be the hands, feet and lap of Jesus for a week of VBS–thanks Judson Baptist!
  • hearing my husband laugh–hard– for the first time in a long time:)
  • request for my dear one after a long time absence
  • amazing return on my tiny lettuce plants

Pentecost cake



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2 responses to “Pentecost Gratitude

  1. rob

    That cake looks good for breakfast. Where can one find the “Fruit of the Spirit” song?

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