Summer gratitude

It’s been a week of heat and cicada noise and quiet reflection too. Time spent actively looking for those blessings God leaves all around us to find if we’ll just have the eyes to see. Here’s my list:

  • sweet tea, (even if it’s decaf and sweetened with stevia)
  • Southern peaches so perfect the juice runs down your chin
  • long overdue dinner with friends
  • first summer tomato
  • twilight conversations around the dinner table
  • someone whistling “The Tennessee Waltz” at the grocery store
  • wild roses overtaking country fences
  • freshly mulched garden path
  • making cookies and memories with my kids
  • finishing up another year of school at home
  • creating order out of chaos, one room at a time
  • diminishing cicadas (finally)
  • first trip to the pool
  • a day of rest
  • a door firmly closed, and faith that a new one will open in God’s time
  • seeing my man in his element
  • communion led by a 13-year old miracle and his father
  • steam rising off the road during a quick summer storm
  • anticipation of an upcoming camping trip
  • garden flowers thriving among the weeds and grass


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3 responses to “Summer gratitude

  1. Like the humming of the Tennessee Waltz…how funny!

    • It really was funny–I was looking for Greek yogurt and all of a sudden, this voice started whistling “Tennessee Waltz!” It carried all over the store too. Much nicer than the piped in Muzac they usually have:)

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