neverpictureperfect garden update #4

Well, I’ve been to the garden once and didn’t update because I forgot the camera. Last week I trained the peas and tomatoes up the trellis, planted a few beans, and a cantaloupe and plucked a disappointingly small harvest of spinach. I’m not sure what went wrong. The weather was cool and there was plenty of rain for the cool weather growing time, but it just looked awful. The weeds on the other hand are growing beautifully. I didn’t use sterile soil to try to save some money and I am now reaping the consequences:). At least the vermiculite and peat moss make the weeds easy to pick. I still have trouble telling the difference between weeds and seedlings so I have to let them grow up together until the seedlings declare themselves. Rather biblical isn’t it?

This week my friend and I decided to do something about the paths around the beds. They have gotten to be a total mess with weeds. The only good part about that is we can compare the plants in the beds to the weeds on the ground to help us decide if they look the same. If they’re the same, we figure they’re weeds and pull them. As long as the heavy rains didn’t wash the seeds out into the paths, that’s going to work well. However, there’s a tiny little lettuce growing right next to my friend’s box, but it’s so obvious it’s not going to be a problem. Even I can tell lettuce from a weed.:) We weeded between the beds, laid down paper and covered it all with mulch. We’ve decided to mow around the outside of the beds and mulch between. Here’s before and after pictures so you can see the difference the mulch made:

Before the weeding and mulching.


Don't the beds look nice and tidy with the mulch?

After weeding and mulching came the fun part: the harvesting! The lettuce looked wonderful, despite the 90 degree heat, as did all the herbs. The tomato plants were starting to bloom and one had three tiny tomatoes, much to Blue Eye’s delight. The cucumber, cantaloupe and watermelon plants are a tiny bit bigger, but aren’t big enough to train on the trellis. The peas looked great! Last week we had only a few flowers and this week we had 6 ripe pods! None of them made it home–the kids ate them raw in the garden. Yummy!

Yummy peas!

Last week the broccoli was very small but this week it was really nice. It was regular sized this week and ready to pick.


I’m hoping the beans will sprout and be ready to train up the trellis next week, provided I recognize them and didn’t pull them as weeds this morning.


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