Memorial Day Gratitude

I can’t believe May is almost gone! It seems spring is over and summer has come along with the roar of the cicadas vying for a mate. The only thing I can be thankful about the cicadas is they don’t eat any of the plants, trees or gardens and they don’t bite:). Here’s my list for the week:

  • a vegetable garden that grows despite a bit of neglect
  • boys roller skating for the first time
  • dads biking with kids
  • the scent of roses, lilies, and other flowers in the cool of the evening
  • two brothers of the faith lending an ear and a hand up
  • a possible solution for a looming problem
  • an answer to a fleece laid before the Lord and the peace that comes even when the answer is “no”
  • a bit of work, no matter how erratic
  • clouds chasing across a sunny sky and the pattern of shadow and light it makes on the ground
  • rolling green hills of Middle Tennessee
  • those who gave their life in the service of their country, and those they left behind
  • all the servicemen in our family–my father and grandfather; uncles and cousins on both sides of our family and the years they gave in the Army, Navy and Air Force and continue to give today. Thanks Daddy, Grandad, Great Uncles Lewis and Breazeale, Uncle Dwight, Darin, Adam and Jason (and Tiffany)!

    The newest edition to the military in our family: sweet Tiffany who is now stationed in Okinawa with my cousin Jason. The cutie in the middle is mine:)


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