Ancient Rome: Our Favorite Resources

We finished up History with nine weeks of Ancient Rome and the birth Christianity and with that, finished up studying the Ancient World. Here are some of our favorite resources:


  • Oxford First Ancient History by Roy Burrell
  • Eyewitness Ancient Rome by Simon James
  • Famous Men of Ancient Rome by John H Haaren
  • Augustus Caesar’s World (Middle School) by Genevieve Foster
  • The Church in History by BK Kuiper
  • 100 Most Important Events in Church History by Curtis, Petersen and Lang
  • Learning Through History Magazine: Ancient Rome
  • City by David Macaulay


  • Detectives in Togas by Henry Winterfield
  • Mystery of the Roman Ransom by Henry Winterfield
  • Saint Valentine by Robert Sabuda
  • Cleopatra by Vennema and Stanley–yes she’s Egyptian, but she’s tied to the Roman Empire so she fits here too.
  • Pompeii: Buried Alive by Edith Kunhardt Davis


  • The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare–set in time of Jesus
  • Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff–set in 200 AD
  • The Silver Branch by Rosemary Sutcliff–set around 100 AD
  • The Lantern Bearers by Rosemary Sutcliff–set at the end of the Roman Empire, as the Romans leave Britain to be invaded by the Saxons
  • Beyond the Desert Gate by Mary Ray–set in 70 AD
  • The Ides of April by Mary Ray–set in 62 AD
  • For the Temple by GA Henty–set in 70 AD
  • History Portfolios-Ancient History and Medieval (the Jr. edition for elementary and regular for Middle School).We started the Medieval History Portfolio because that’s where church history was located, starting from the birth of Christ. I felt the life of Jesus and the beginning of the church should be taught during our Ancient Rome unit, as that was when it occurred. I had already purchased the MEdieval Portfolios to use next year, so we just did the first part that included Jesus and the beginning of the church.
  • Hands & Hearts Ancient Greece/Ancient Rome History Kit. I have an extensive review here, but to sum up, our most favorite hands on activities come from these kits. All the supplies are included, as well cards with questions and Bible verses that make excellent copy work and make sure your children are getting a Biblical worldview of history. Right now, through midnight June 11, if you order with my discount code “Lara” you get 15% off your entire order, including the History Portfolios and History Kits.
  • History Pockets-Ancient Civilizations and Ancient Rome–I used both because I had them, and chose different activities based on the interest of my children. They especially enjoyed making the Mt. Vesuvius volcano shaped book from the Ancient Rome book.
  • History Through the Ages Timeline Figures and placement book–I have the entire set on CD that I can print off when we need them. I marked all the Roman Empire events with a red line under the title and all the biblical events and early church with a blue line. That way we can see where these things were going on when we look at our timeline. After spending years with all our self-drawn timeline figures looking all alike, this is wonderful!
  • Rick Steves’ Caesar’s Rome–from the Italy’s Cities collection-available on Netflix, Amazon’s instant watch or your local library
  • Pompeii: The Last Day–available on Netflix, Amazon’s instant watch or your local library–reenacts that last day in Pompeii, you might preview this to make sure your kids can handle it
Remember, you can check out my list of Roman Resources on my Amazon page. If you do order in my “store” on Amazon, I get a very small credit from Amazon that I use to buy next year’s books for my kids. Just thought I’d let you know:). Also check out Hands And Hearts for their History Kits (for all time periods) and other great puzzles and books that are on sale right now, plus you can get an extra 15% off with my code work “Lara” or by clicking through with this direct link–the prices are shown already reduced if you do this. It’s a great time to pick up some products for your fall semester.

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