neverpictureperfect square foot garden update #3

I finally got out to the farm today. I’ve been trying to go for a week and stuff kept happening. It’s been cool and cloudy here for several days. Everything was damp, which was nice because we had a bumper crop of weeds and they’re much easier to pull when the soil is wet. The problem is, I can’t tell the difference between some baby plants and weeds–if the true leaves haven’t come out the two look the same. The lettuce and cilantro looked great, as did the peas and oregano. The broccoli leaves are absolutely beautiful, but there’s no broccoli heads to eat; hopefully it will come soon. The basil was awful looking. I think it’s been too cool and not enough sunshine. I hope they get better when the sun comes out. I planted a sugar baby watermelon plant and still need to start beans and cantaloupe.

Nice broccoli leaves, healthy lettuce and weeds, sick basil (to the right of the broccoli)...

Today I made trellises to support my vine crops and tomatoes. I made three using left over pvc pipe from my friend Anne Elise’s attempt at making a soccer goal for her daughter. I pounded rebar in the ground, slipped the pipe over it and attached the nylon netting suggested on the official square foot gardening website. I got mine at Home Depot. Anne Elise used bamboo and some jute twine for her trellis. It looks very pretty. Mine’s rather industrial, but hopefully they’ll both hold up to summer storms and heavy produce.

Two beds with three trellises. I'll see how it holds up!

Bamboo and jute trellis. Isn't it pretty?


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