Grateful heart is a joyful heart

Being grateful moves our eyes off ourselves and our circumstances back onto God, where they should have been in the first place, and replaces the fear and sorrow with joy.  God gives good gifts to His children when we ask (Matthew 7:11), but I think He also delights in giving us good gifts even when we haven’t asked. Here’s my list of gifts from the Father this week:

  • Father and son backpacking & making memories

Trying to catch a frog...

  • Roses after the rain
  • Atter a storm, amazing, luminous light that defies film or canvas
  • Kids playing in the hose
  • cicada sounds (without too many sightings at our house, yet)
  • cast iron skillets and farm fresh eggs
  • strawberries straight from the field
  • face paint, games, hot dogs, and 1000 cupcakes for a big celebration
  • a break in the weather and jackets in May
  • strong shoulders of faith to stand on

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