Counting my blessings

What a week of fun and love! Visits with friends and family, sweet times of laughter, tears, and prayer, and a Mother’s Day nap–what could be better? Here’s my gratitude list:

  • sorting out vegetables and life in the Body with a friend
  • fun with friends and family at the dog show
  • brothers playing (peacefully) together
  • trip to the zoo with a cousin
  • listening to my husband’s father-heart read a ballet book to our little ballerina
  • snuggles with my wee little man who is growing so fast
  • a week without severe weather warnings in Nashville
  • learning how intercessory prayer for others changes my heart
  • a quiet conversation that calmed my fears, shared a burden and renewed my faith
  • Pre-Mother’s Day omelet made with love and pride by my nine year-old son
  • Daughter racing out to meet me after work
  • Coming home from work to freshly scrubbed children and folded laundry
  • My own dear Mother and Mother-in-Law whom I love, and all the other mothers who speak into my life–thank you

    My mom with one of her eight grandchildren back in 2008

    Both my grandmother (foreground) and mother-in-law in one picture

  • Sweet gifts from the heart of my children, chosen with care and love. I am so blessed!
  • New perspective on John 14:6
  • A Sunday afternoon nap
  • Homemade Nutella ice cream-a lovely ending to a lovely day
  • another week without the cicada invasion:)

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