Grateful for these days

Three of my children came in, hands full of blossoms for me. My other child pointed out, quite rightly, that the flowers would have lasted much longer on the plant, outside. But they were gifts kindly meant, lovingly picked with grubby little fingers to share with me. Last year, I probably would have thought the same thing my other child did, but since we don’t know how much longer we’ll stay in this house, it was a joy to have the flowers and their fragrance in the house, enjoying the gifts of today while we have the chance. Each day I’m trying to take the gifts God bestows, even if at times they don’t look like gifts to me. Every good and perfect gift comes from above, and so I gratefully submit my list for this week:

  • cup overflowing with flowers and love
  • Happy Girl turning thirteen years old
  • a generous crawl space to ride out the storms
  • shrimp pasta
  • weeding my little garden patch with a friend and eating our first salad, salsa and pizza made from its produce:)
  • watching my husband and good friends run the Music City Marathon

    On the lookout for his dad

    Waiting for Daddy to run by

  • Cute as a bug cupcakes
  • Husband and man-child getting ready for their first manly-man backpacking trip

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