neverpictureperfect square foot garden update

Doodlebug and Ranger "helping" in the garden

So it’s been 4 weeks since we planted our garden. We’ve only been out one other time, to plant a couple of other plants. Yesterday we went and planted tomato plants, rosemary, some marigolds to keep bugs off the tomatoes, and then planted cucumber, baby watermelon, red pepper, and cantaloupe seeds. We have had a ton of rain in the last month–7.5 inches according to, so most of the plants have grown. I think it rained so much many of the carrot seeds washed away, so replanted some for good measure. Besides, who wants all the carrots ready the same day? This way we’ll have a staggered crop. The weeds also thrived, so we spent a good bit of time trying to figure out what was a weed and what was spinach.  Fortunately with the addition of the peat moss and vermiculite the soil is nice and soft and easy to weed–a plus when you have a bumper crop! The broccoli plants were nice and tall, but I couldn’t really find the edible parts yet. All the herbs looked great, the peas are coming up, and we had enough lettuce for a small salad! I harvested plenty of cilantro to make salsa for supper tonight.

Nice crop of weeds mixed in with a few veggies and herbs. Cilantro was VERY happy!

All my squares are full except one. I forgot to buy seed to plant some pole beans. My grandmother loves half-runners, but I couldn’t find any at Lowes last time I was there and I just forgot this week. I guess I’ll try to find some this weekend and get them in the ground. My kids love going to the farm–mainly to pet Luci the Donkey and play with their friends and the dogs. Each child has a couple of square planted with their choice of veggies or flowers and they helped plant or take care of those. I got to spend some time with the kids’ mom and aunt, some of my earliest childhood friends. Their parents, bless their hearts, took me camping for the first time (the only times I ever went as a child) and we all grew up in the same church. It was fun to weed and talk about our gardens and figure out what was an errant carrot seed sprouting and what was just a weed. Next trip up to the farm we need to make a trellis to support the tomatoes and other vining crops and finally plant my beans!

After being weeded and new plants added.

The other bed. We planted watermelon in the back right corner. I hope they come up!



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