Gratitude for Holy Week

A week of quiet reflection amid a busy schedule and a heart humbly grateful for what Jesus did for me and everyone when we certainly didn’t deserve it, and a little sad from learning of the death of a work colleague after a long battle with cancer. Here’s my gratitude list:

  • Passover celebration with friends–a night of food, wine and remembering God’s faithfulness
  • spending time with my eldest daughter
  • laughing with my husband
  • being allowed the privilege of blessing someone who has blessed me
  • girls making cupcakes and friends
  • little boys holding bunnies
  • unexpectedly early blooms of peonies and irises in my yard
  • nighttime thunderstorms
  • A new perspective on the book of John
  • other worship leaders who mentor and befriend my husband
  • watching my son use shovel and wagon to move rocks in my yard
  • news of friends getting a new job and moving back to town!
  • corporate worship celebrating the resurrection of the King
  • my youngest children playing games with my 89 year-old grandmother

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