Art with kids

I love doing art with kids. They are less self-conscious than adults and even teens, and enjoy experimenting. We did a still life painting from our art program, Artistic Pursuits (available at, a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a photo of the still life. We used lots of different fruits with interesting colors and textures. 

The picture by the four-year old included the very basic shaped fruits only.

Age 4

This one by the kindergardener includes more fruits, no scale, but a totally different arrangement. It’s fascinating the preschool and kindergarden-aged boys both left the background white and moved the fruit where they wanted it on the page.

Age 5

By the time you get to the first grader (age 6), there is a background color, and more of the fruit correctly placed on the cake plate, but the fruit scattered around the plate has been moved.

Age 6

The fourth grader (age 10) still excludes some fruits, but the ones that are included are the same as the still life.

Age 10

The 12-year-old (7th grader) includes the fruit, and didn’t like the green color I’d made for the background, so she made her own.

Age 12

The adults were even more constrained to keep the fruit where it was in the arrangement.

Mom 1

Mom 2

It’s fun to see how differently people paint the same scene! It’s not hard to set up a still life for kids and adults to paint. Try it and see your results!



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4 responses to “Art with kids

  1. I love how the 4 year old gave wheels to the banana!

  2. I love this! And your analysis is great!

  3. Thanks Melinda. I love seeing the effort every person put into their painting and everyone seemed pleased.

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