Creation through Ancient Egypt: Our Favorites

Well, people seemed to enjoy my favorite resources from our study of Ancient Greece, so I thought I should add what we did during our study of Creation through Ancient Egypt during the first semester.  We really started at the very beginning with creation. Our timeline starts with creation week and moves through biblical history through the flood and the Tower of Babel before starting to follow many nations or cultures. As long as biblical history was occurring at the same time as secular history, I like to study them together. It helps my kids (and me) realize that Biblical events didn’t happen in a vacuum of time, but as other things were occurring. Here’s my list of our favorite resources. Of course check your library or thrift store first, but if you’re going to buy them through Amazon, check out my e-store. I have them all together in the history section. If you purchase through my e-store I get a (very) small percentage to help buy my kids’ school books for the fall.


  • Oxford First History–This book is currently out of print, so I used the library copy. You can find some used copies floating around Amazon, but they’re pricey. The individual civilizations were published as stand alone books, and they are a bit cheaper.
  • Simply Charlotte Mason’s Genesis through Deuteronomy and Ancient Egypt is a good resource for a year-long study that starts at Creation in the Bible, and also includes Egyptian history. I wanted to study a longer period of history over the course of the year, so I shortened what she suggested on the Bible (we read through the Bible at breakfast) and studied Egypt more intensely for 9 weeks, every day. Her choice of books is excellent, and she includes geography lessons as well.
  • Eyewitness Ancient Egypt–my kids love the Eyewitness series. They like seeing actual photographs of artifacts from the time period.
  • Growing up in Ancient Egypt
  • Living in Ancient Egypt–if you can’t find Oxford First History, this does a good job explaining life in Ancient Egypt
  • The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt–Gives a nice summary of important pharaohs and their contributions to Egypt. Once you read about a pharaoh, stick em’ on your timeline.

PICTURE BOOKS– just because they’re picture books doesn’t mean your older children won’t get a lot of great information from them. Some are very detailed.

  • The Egyptian Polar Bear
  • Croco’nile
  • Shipwrecked Sailor
  • How to Be an Egyptian Princes
  • Mummies, Tombs and Treasures
  • Tut’s Mummy Lost and Found
  • Tutankhamun’s Gift (Sabuda)
  • Pyramid (Macaulay)
  • Cleopatra (Stanley)
  • Mummies Made in Egypt (Aliki)
  • The Great Pyramid
  • The Great Wonder
  • Pharoah’s Boat
  • In Search of Tutankhamun
  • Seeker of Knowledge


  • Pyramid (Macaulay)


  • Ancient History Portfolio and Timeline–This is our first year using these and I love them. There is a regular level and a “junior” level for younger kids or those reluctant writers you may have. You can buy map sets that show the kids where the cities are located, the bodies of water and other items they need to include on their map. It’s worth the money to get these. There is a teacher’s manual built-in the junior level, and again, purchasing the manual for the regular level is worth the money. It gives suggestions of what to include in every box, including topics to research. Hands and Hearts has some discounted right now, but you can find them at Rainbow Resource as well.
  • History Pockets: Ancient Egypt–My kids enjoy all the History Pockets. I pick out only the activities that are relevant and helpful for me. We glued them on extra pages into our History Portfolio to add some extra learning activities. The kids would color while I read some of the longer selections from the Oxford First History.
  • History Pockets: Ancient Civilizations
  • Hands and Hearts Ancient History Discovery Kit Everything included you’ll need for your hands on activities. No running to the store mid-activity for paint. It’s all in there. They even have additional student kits if one kit isn’t enough. I can’t say enough about these kits. I’ve purchased all of them, used them my first time through history and have found no other resource any better of its kind and am enjoying using them again. My kids love them!

    Wrapping up King Tutenkamun, an activity from the Hands & Hearts Kit. What's not to love about an embalmed apple-orange pharaoh?


These are books that were on any culture or subject of the time period NOT about Egypt
  • Archeologists Dig for Clues
  • Dinosaurs of Eden
  • The Real Noah’s Ark
  • Motel of the Mysteries
  • Adam and His Kin
  • Gilgamesh the King by Zeman and the rest of this series if you want to introduce these to your children, use your own discretion
  • Ancient Mesopotamians: The Sumerians, Babylonians and Assyrians
  • Noah, Joseph and Exodus all three titles by Brian Wildsmith
WEBSITES, DVDs, and movies
  • British Museumtheir Ancient Egyptian page
  • Pyramid-David Macaulay made his book into a video. I remember watching it when I was in school and still found it fascinating now.
  • Rick Steves’ Europe: Eastern Europe, Israel and Egypt–He’s not ancient, but he does give you a sense of the people, geography and culture of a region.


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