Spring gratitude

Seems like we got just a tease of spring before it ran away laughing last week. The temperatures ranged from 84 as the high to 48 as the high within a couple of days here in Music City. I’m so happy spring is coming to stay for a while. I just wish it was sooner rather than later! Here’s my list:

  • The delight a visit with old friends gave my children (and me!) this week
  • Boys in boots stomping in a creek
  • Birds of all kinds singing in the pre-dawn morning.
  • First day of spring cookout, even if my husband had to wear his coat to grill the hamburgers!
  • A solid Bible teacher and elder at our church who teaches the Word and shepherds the flock without compromise
  • Creative teachers who taught our kids about God despite the power outage
  • The amazing generosity of people who love us
  • A night at home as a family to celebrate Shabbat and being together.
  • The whole family dissolving into laughter
  • A morning at the local Farm Co-op, playing with kittens and chicks, and picking out seeds for our garden
  • A crew of the most amazing nurses, care partners and MR I’ve ever met working together to get the job done
  • Lemon scones with fresh spring strawberries and cream
  • A daughter who discerns truth at a young age.

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