Gratitude on the first week of Lent

This was the beginning of Lent. Several things have started working in my heart. The little book I am reading is such a gem. It gently started me thinking of repentance, without the condemnation that comes not from above, but from the Accuser. And with that quiet reminder to repent, from another source came a verse from Job, “The LORD turned the captivity of (Job), when he prayed for his friends. The LORD gave (Job) twice as much as he had before.” Job 42:10 (Hebrew names version, italics mine) Steven Mansfield substituted critics for friends, for they were. Ouch. It’s harder to pray for your critics and those who have hurt you than your friends. So I have been given my “mission” for Lent this year: to recognize the darkness in my heart and repent to the Lord and to not only forgive, but bless the critics and those who have hurt me–even those who have no idea what they’ve done. Not to have prosperity returned–though it would be nice:). The Lord “turned the captivity”–I don’t want to be captive to unforgiveness which will eat you alive. I’m so thankful for Lent this week and what it’s reminded me to do.

Here’s my list for the week:

  • Snowdrops and Bradford pears blooming everywhere!
  • Still lifes of fruit showing the unlimited creativity God gave children
  • The priviledge of watching another generation of a Godly family begin-congratulations Durhams and Maclaughlins!
  • Time alone with my oldest daughter
  • Encouragment from many sources on a day I really needed it
  • Two friends and a booth at Panera
  • An evening out with my husband
  • A book of Lenten reflections to stretch me




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