Grateful for the little things

“I was thinking today that when we stop thanking God for all He does, it becomes easy to believe He’s not even real.” From my friend Mindy after a battle with clogged pipes on the Sabbath and a handy man willing to come fix it. Sometimes there is no huge item on the list–no “God saved me from the mouth of an angry lion”. But those are easy to see. It’s the little things that whisper His love that we sometime overlook:

  • Soggy Saturdays spent napping, cuddling, and making cookies
  • heart to heart conversations while folding mountains of laundry
  • church family who LOVE my children and have poured into their lives so willingly and without compromise. Love ya Julie, Sara and team!
  • pouring through the Word and having the words of the Lord poured into us on Wednesday nights
  • peppermint hot chocolate on a cold rainy morning
  • paper mache, paint, and friends
  • getting a spot at the consignment sale!
  • old family videos
  • coming home from work to a clean house, clean van, and clean laundry
  • daffodils, forsythia, and crocus peeping through the mud and dirt to remind us the long winter is ending and the promise of spring is in the air

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