This and that

This is how we've all felt this past week and a half...

The flu/virus that visited our house over a week and a half ago continues to hang on. No one has a fever any more, but coughs are rampant, and everyone, me included–have gotten to the grumpy stage of illness. Mainly owing to the fact that we think we should be all better, but we quickly discover after some activity, that we’re not. We’ve been blessed by some meals from my mom and a friend, and I even felt like getting up yesterday and puttering around. I still can’t really read much to my kids because it sets me off coughing again and I haven’t had the energy to write much either. I did read this post yesterday that I absolutely loved and want to incorporate into my parenting tool box. I hope you enjoy it and aspire to make it your own as well. The author, Elizabeth Foss has a website I love to browse through when looking for a book or idea. She has blogs about family life and her faith, and she also has a section on educating her children and thankfully, she is happy to share these ideas on the “Serendipity” part of her blog. Her geography ideas helped form the foundation of our history/geography of the Eastern Hemisphere  two years ago. Please know, she’s a mother of nine, not a full-time curriculum writer. Don’t expect to have every single thing you need on her website for a full curriculum. She shares what her family does, but when people come down with the flu or they get involved in life, the plans aren’t complete. I like that.  She’s not a slave to her blog, but allows it to serve her and we are all the richer for it.

I used part of my time last week, before I got sick, to start a major overhaul of my school supplies and resources. I’m sure you think it wasn’t the best timing, but really, when my kids are well, we use our playroom/schoolroom constantly and I can’t get stuff out to reorganize without them getting into it. They all felt so back all they did was lay on their pallets and doze or sip juice or soup. So between refilling their cups and bowls and changing out movies in the VCR or DVD player, I went through my stuff. I have found quite a few resources my children have outgrown, or I need to part with to make room for new resources. Some I’d love to keep, but I need new math books and stuff for fall, so I’m planning on putting up a list of what I want to sell so you can see it, ask questions, and hopefully get some great deals for your family. I know it’s hard to believe, but the curriculum fair here in Nashville is in only 3 months! It’s a good time to take stock of what you might be needing for the fall and get some of it used. Be looking for my list in the next few days. It will take me awhile to compile it, there are quite a lot of resources and I’m hoping to get back to some sort of semi-routine of school today or tomorrow.


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