Thankfulness in the midst of a hard week

In the last week, someone stole my debit card number and spent over $1000 at Family Dollar, Walgreens and Walmart; all six of us were slowly but surely stuck down with this nasty flu/virus thing (I was last), and my dog chewed a 6 inch hole in my duvet cover and one in a bean bag. A week I’d really rather not remember. We  had to miss Boot Camp, the orthodontist, the Father-Daugther dance (one daughter went, one stayed home), meetings, church, school, and a shift at work. There was more ugly than beautiful in the last week, but I did find some things to be truly grateful for–here’s my list:

  • An illness, that while quite contagious and miserable, was not life threatening nor caused any expensive trips to the doctor or hospital
  • A bank that, while we were too busy and ill to be vigilant, noticed unusual spending habits, asked us, stopped it and is replacing the money
  • homemade bread and matzo ball soup, pallets on the floor, movies on netflix and from the library, cuddles in bed
  • Vick’s Vapo-rub, Mucinex, Motrin, and Lysol anti-bacterial wipes
  • A dog that is loyal and loves us when we’re sick even if he shows his love by chewing up my stuff–sorry it’s the best I could do with my exasperating dog:)
  • Taking a step of faith (& a bit of time) and putting up my art work display wire–I’m so glad I did!
  • a Father-Daughter dance to raise money for our homeless ministry–and a chance for fathers to show by example the way men treat ladies with respect, dignity and love


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2 responses to “Thankfulness in the midst of a hard week

  1. Such beauty in a hard week! Love the pictures on a line!

    We have been enjoying our weekly picture studies (inspired by you—and C. Masen); thanks for that!

    Hope you guys all feel better soon . . .

  2. Thanks Melinda! It was a great sense of accomplishment to get that put up, especially with everything else going on.

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