Multitude of blessings

My husband is trying to copy all our old VHS tapes onto a hard drive before they get broken and disappear. It’s fun to look back at my children and husband and friends and family over the years–the hairstyles, the clothes, the sweet baby noises they made that I’d forgotten. I’m so very thankful to have these moments to relive and enjoy–births, dedications, baptisms, birthdays, snow days, holidays, and regular days. It fascinates the kids to see their siblings, cousins and themselves as tiny babies and toddlers, and their mom and dad on their wedding day. I hope I was grateful for those days as they occurred. I am so grateful for them now.

  • Kindness of friends taking Happy Girl to the theater
  • Boys playing pirates
  • Catching up with a friend with a semester of homeschooling under her belt–who is happy with her decision:)
  • Going to Boot Camp even when I don’t want to–and feeling so much better when I’m done
  • Drinking tea and reading books with my little ones
  • A food processor from a friend
  • Homemade tomato soup that tastes like summer on a rainy winter night
  • Dreaming up summer gardens in January with a sweet friend
  • Immersing myself in Ann’s new book, 1000 Gifts
  • Experiencing Shakespeare as it was meant to be experienced–on the stage–and watching my daughter and her friend enjoy it
  • Ibuprofen, soup and pineapple juice for my sick little girl
  • Daddies and daughters roller skating to 80’s music

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