Field trip to the Frist–unusually picture perfect

The Floor Planers by Gustave Caillebotte

I realized early this week that the Impressionist exhibit at the Frist was ending and we hadn’t been yet.  Fortunately Jonathan got to go with us.  Unfortunately, the battery of the van was dead because I accidentally left the blinker on when I parked the van after Boot Camp.  Six hours with the blinker on tends to drain the battery. Jonathan got us jumped off and we were on our way. I was thankful this was one outing this month that was not disrupted by a dying appliance!

We’ve studied some of the artists that were on display, but I was wondering how this display would go over with my kids. It was even better than I imagined. I was wondering about using the headphones and audio guides.  As soon as Doodlebug saw one he insisted on using it, so we all got one to use as well. The commentary was interesting and held everyone’s attention. It wasn’t a speed race to the finish; all the kids wanted to listen to the tape and look at the pictures. I was walking around with Doodlebug and wondered if he was just interested in pushing the buttons on the audio player, but then I heard him chuckling and repeating one of the lines to himself and once, he plopped himself down on the floor in front of a painting and looked and listened, much to the amusement of the surrounding adults:).

After a very enjoyable time looking at the paintings we went upstairs to ArtQuest. They had some really nice projects to go along with the Impressionist theme, and once the large school group left, there were only three or four families in the whole place.  I really enjoyed watching all of the children absorbed in their own creative work. Even Jonathan and I got to join in!

I wondered if, after we got home, anyone would remember what we saw.  We talked about our favorite paintings and everyone had a clear favorite that they remembered in detail.  Here were a few of ours:

It really was a fun day for our family. The schedule for future exhibits at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts looks promising, especial in the fall with an exhibit with Egyptian artifacts and one with Northern Renaissance paintings. It looks like we’ll be planning more trips to the Frist in the future!


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