Gratitude for no snow!

I’m a bit late putting this up. I worked yesterday and was too tired last night. I couldn’t get up any earlier this morning than 4:30 to drag myself to Boot Camp, so here it is, better late than not at all! I’m so thankful to NOT have snow this Monday morning. Can I get an amen from my Southern friends?:)

  • Snuggly pajama days reading books
  • Dozens of robins and Juncos eating in our yard
  • Children’s uninhibited creativity
  • Pink and orange sunsets
  • Bright moonlight on snow
  • Friends finally home
  • The smell of warm, fresh bread
  • Farm fresh, brown eggs
  • Quiet communities of faith
  • A forgotten, final check from a former employer
  • A day at the art museum with the whole family
  • four happy, healthy children
  • coming home to clean laundry
  • A late birthday gift in the mail–I dare you to read it and start your own gratitude list! Here’s a video for inspiration!

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