Gratitude in the snow

We don’t get much snow here in the south. Sometimes we can go all winter and get none. People laugh at us because at the simple prediction of a few flakes, the bread, milk, and eggs sell out faster than generators before Y2K. I really don’t think it’s because we’re greedy. Partially it’s because we get ice and I don’t care who you are or where you live, driving up and down the icy hills of Tennessee is very difficult and no one wants to run to the store for anything.  The other reason is we all are so excited to have a bit of the snowy magic that we’re all just like kids on Christmas Eve, waiting in eager anticipation for the snow and inevitable Snow Bird report that follows. This certainly wasn’t the most snow we’ve ever gotten, but it sure did stay around a long time! We still have some in the shadows at our house, and I’m sure the snow man will stay around for a few more days, unless the dog eats him. So, with all the snow, we were home a good bit this past week, cuddling up with books, bundling up and playing in the snow and generally being home bodies until the end of the week. Here’s my list:

  • Reading books with my four-year-old under the down comforter
  • Watching how excited the dog gets in the snow
  • Bright red cardinals on snowy white branches
  • Rediscovering Francis Schaeffer’s How Shall We Then Live
  • Gingerbread Tea
  • Introducing cousins to bowling
  • Finding unbelievable bargains online for some much needed clothes
  • Celebrating the opportunities my husband’s career change has allowed him to do, instead of fretting about the “regular” job he doesn’t  have
  • Watching a whole online community of women rally behind a sweet baby they’ll probably never meet and pray for her healing
  • Getting to read the first five pages of Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts:A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are online while I’m waiting for my own copy. I was speechless as I soaked it all in.
  • Time with a friend while our kids carved soap into crosses, boats, and dinosaurs
  • Dawn Treader birthday cakes and enough warmth for kids to swing from vines

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